Young workers

Hello dear colleagues,

Summer is coming to an end and the heavy season will soon be over.
While we wish to offer you all the tools to handle the transition, let us firstly present ourselves.

The youth committee`s rôle is to share knowledge with new hires and those who are not accustomed in a work environment supervised by a union.

The committee’s overall goal is to develop and maintain an active, educated young worker membership and to inform them of their rights that are provided by the collective agreement.

We aspire to put upfront the various challenges that new hires and young workers can face during our employment and provide you with all the necessary tools to make your working conditions more pleasant and easy to adapt.

In order to do so, wish to develop and maintain education for young workers, communication networks, social media as well as building relationships with other sectors within the labour movement.

Feel free to add us on instagram at section.locale.40410 to stay updated with all our upcoming events.  The component website is also a great tool t get up to date info for your committees actions.

The young worker Team

Caitlyn, Claudia and Melissa