Pension and Retirement

Our mission will always be to inform you about pension/retirement plans: RRMS and RRSP/DPSP.

Also, we strongly encourage you to consult the websites of the two plans to have access to all information, general and personal, about your contributions, investments and returns.

For the MSPP (Multi-Sector Pension Plan):

And for the  DESJARDINS RRSP/DPSP pension plan More info to come. You may get more details on Mundo

As the retirement project is very personal and different for each and every one of us, it is important to take charge of your own goals, your own decisions. That is why it is also important to obtain the information that will allow you to fully realise YOUR retirement project.

Knowing how to plan… is being able to enjoy!

This is why we also encourage you to use the services of a financial advisor in your decision-making, as your committee members are not qualified to fulfil this role.

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