Blocking Committee

Our Mandate:

Our mandate is to ensure that the preparation and awarding of regular and reserve blocks are in accordance with the provisions of the Collective Agreement.

When rotations are announced, one of us looks at them to make sure they are consistent with the Collective Agreement. When some rotations seem difficult to achieve, but are in accordance with the Collective Agreement, we can make suggestions to the Company. Since the committee only acts in an advisory capacity, it cannot present any demands to the Company.

On the 23rd of each month, a member of the committee receives and reviews the work schedules to ensure conformity with the Agreement and with the complement list published by the Personnel Management Committee on the 14th of each month. We also check all the answers Planning has given you to make sure they are right.

If you have a question regarding your schedule, you must first write to Planning, with a copy to one of us. If you do not understand or are not satisfied with the answer, do not hesitate to write to us or call us. We will be pleased to help you.

Contact : 

Chair : Karine Castano

Component link : Lisa Berni

YUL : 1- Andréanne Charlebois 2-Lea Napoletano 3-Isabelle Ménard

YYZ : 1- Yolanda Fernandez 2-Ana Rodrigues