Crew Meal

The objective of this committee is to taste and make recommendations on the choice of the crew meals.
The Committee, with the Company, shall be observant of all aspects of nutrition, meaning quantity and variety.
The Company shall consult the members of the committee prior to determining, changing or renewing crew meals.
The Committee and the Company must implement nutritional practices that allow a Cabin Attendant to have meals at appropriate intervals and in accordance with the Canada’s food guide.
The provisions of this article are meant to cover the majority of situations. Some adjustments may be necessary on certain flight itineraries in order to maintain an appropriate nutrition level. In the event that the quality, quantity and/or variety of the meals are considered deficient or deteriorating, the Company shall agree to correct the problem within 30 days following the receipt of a written complaint by the Crew meal Committee.


Chair: Stephanie Davy-Griffith

Component link: Jill Patterson

YUL: Sandra Remelgado

YYZ: Amanda Michalopoulos


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