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No transportation on arrival? Did you experience a long wait upon arrival at YYZ- YUL with pax? Your routing information was incomplete? Did you run out of meals? You had to do acrobatics to accomplish your tasks and satisfy our pax? Long wait at the hotel to get your room key? Cancelled DH, delayed, chartered flights?

Let us know!

For specific situations, notify the committees first, and the the Union.

Committees related to ops (more information under the tab Committee)

Specify in the title YOUR BASE and subject                                    General email address, schedules, rotations.                            General address for the Service Committee                          General address for Uniform problems                                      CORUSON for HS fatigue report                                 General address, CREWCARE are essential for hotel quality complaints


Do you have a union matters?  You wish to file a grievance? (procedure under the grievance committee tab)

Your local teams are there for you, they offer exemplary front-line services.

Please avoid using our personal messenger


Montréal YUL 4041: 514-816-4484

Toronto YYZ 4047: 647-688-4047

Component officers

Dominic Levasseur. 514-291-1194

Sheena Sumra.   1-514-835-2078

Martin Rondeau 1-514-229-9875

Your Executive