Our history

Your component is celebrating 30 years of history!

30 years of unity, solidarity and common struggle! The goal has always been to improve our working conditions and protect our rights!

Here are some concrete examples of the collective  power of the group and of your union over the past 30 years

Before unionization, there were no rules on issues such as how many hours we could fly in a given month or even a limit of our day on duty!

Since November 1992, your various union executives have negotiated six collective agreements. In each agreement we have made significant gains such as


– Blocks of flying hours between 65h and 85h per month, with a maximum of 95 hours/month.

– Our monthly hours are guaranteed!

– The duty day limit has been reduced… Yes! Reduced to 14 scheduled hours, with an absolute maximum of 16h. Some will remember the 18h absolute maximum in the 1990’s!

– Significant wage gains over the years. We started at about $17.00 per flight hour, and now the starting salary is $29.53, up to a maximum of $57.43 after 12 years of service.

– Premiums for overtime on duty (did not exist before).

– Creation of 16 weeks of preventive leave to support our pregnant flight attendants.

– Implementation of the MSPP (pension fund created by CUPE)

– Reduction of the RSV period from 24 hours to AM or PM

– Improved protection for hotel zones +20h


More recently, your union, with your support, flatly refused the major cuts to our working conditions that the employer wanted to impose on us just a year ago. Remember that the employer’s plan was to cut our wages by 10%, reduce our crew complement, every clause that had monetary value was targeted!

We were able to fight off these demands because of the strength of your union.

We can’t say it enough, more than ever we must stay united and continue our quest for better working conditions. Reduce fatigue rotations, improve our rest areas and without further delay have a strong job protection clause.


Our sector’s fight in 2023?

The fight of the airline sector is, without a doubt, to be paid for every hour spent at work!

How do we do this?

By uniting with all airline unions affiliated with CUPE in Canada.

On November 30th, will take place a two day summit held by CUPE’s airline division in Vancouver.

At this meeting I will have the privilege of representing you and working in collaboration with the Presidents of the AC/Rouge, WS/Swoop/Encore, Flair, PAL, Pascan, Sunwing, Calm Air and Canadian North cabin crew unions.

The goal of this summit is to stand together in our fight for ground pay! It is about time that our pay is based on our duty time, not just on flight time.

Your component’s new image!
The year 2020 will have been a year of transformation for many of us and the component is not left out. We have taken advantage of this period to review our image and rethink what the component represents. The previous version of our logo was almost 20 years old. Since our coming into office, we have reviewed our ways of doing business and the image we wish to project. It is with pride that we launch today a modern and unifying logo!
Our logo represents the C A flying together towards an improvement of its working conditions. Our symbol communicates: The strength of the group; of our three bases. Determination, teamwork towards a common goal and our passion for travel!