Employment Equity Committee

This committee is composed of one representative from the Union who meets with the other employee groups and the Company. When possible, this representative must be a member of one of the 4 designated groups.

The committee establishes a forum for sharing information and developing other mechanisms to ensure that all Air Transat employees are aware of the objectives of employment equity. The committee also contributes to oversee the implementation of the employment equity program in order to develop fair, equitable, and barrier-free employment practices.

The committee will participate throughout the process by:

  • –  helping to establish, communicate, promote, and implement employment equity in the workplace;
  • –  identifying specific needs of designated groups within the organization;
  • –  assisting in the review of all employment policies and practices, written and unwritten, to ensure they do not present employment barriers for designated group members;
  • –  assisting in the development, implementation, and review of the employment equity plan.

The committee reports annually on the representation of the four designated groups in their workplaces and on the steps they have taken to achieve full representation.

Contact :

Chair : Sonia Rasi

Member oh the Committee : Daniel Pelletier

Component link: Dominic Levasseur president@atcomponent.com