Hotel and Transportation

Made up of one Cabin Attendant representative per home base, this Committee is designed to evaluate hotels and any other related matters dealing with accommodations when Cabin Personnel are away from home base.

Moreover, a member of the Hotel and Transport Committee will evaluate the hotels shortlisted for visits beforehand by the Joint Committee in accordance with the selection grid (Appendix D) and the Terms of Reference (APPENDIX J) of our collective agreement.

The Hotel and Transport Committee may evaluate all the hotels on a yearly basis by providing the Cabin Attendants with a hotel survey. This survey will be used by the Committee to determine and to advise the Company of the hotels/destination that require change for the upcoming season.

A list of changes will be forwarded to the Company each year. For this purpose, hotel visits will be scheduled approximately 2 months prior to the start of the season or as soon as a new destination is determined. The Union’s Committee representative(s) will then notify the company on the hotels approved. During hotel visits, committee members are covered by the collective agreement including article ARTICLE B16.

The hotels used by the Cabin Attendants shall all be approved by the Union’s Hotel and Transport Committee.

Then, the Joint Hotel Committee, made up of a member or representative of the Hotel and Transport Committee for cabin crews, the Company and flight crews will meet in order to make a final choice for each of the destinations concerned with renewal.

The Hotel and Transport Committee is responsible for the following:

  1. In collaboration with the members of the Joint Hotel Committee, create the short list of hotels to be visited for each destination;
  2. In collaboration with the members of the Joint Hotel Committee, determine the perimeter of the downtown or waterfront tourist zone of each destination;
  3. In collaboration with the members of the Joint Hotel Committee, determine the best possible solution in the event that a hotel is unavailable or unsustainable in the selected perimeter;
  4. To accumulate the comments from Cabin Attendants concerning the hotels and transport used;
  5. ToensurethattheCompanyrespectsthecriteriaestablished;
  6. To advise the Company that a change of hotel is immediately necessary;
  7. The final selections shall be agreed upon by both parties by approximately April 1 of each year for the summer season, and by approximately November 1st of each year for the winter season.
  8. The Committee will meet twice a year, in the fall in order to prepare the winter season and in the spring in order to prepare the summer season and to discuss the hotel situations. It is understood that, in addition to the meetings, on an exceptional basis, a conference call may be required to address a particular issue.

Before contacting us by email, we invite you to fill out a crewcare report for all your comments regarding transportation and/or hotels. Whether they are positive or not. 

Your hotel committee team receives all reports on crewcare.  Your complaints are collected and analyzed through this platform.


Chair: Philippe Jutras

Component link: Dominic Levasseur

YUL: Lyne Nantel

YYZ : Siuzanne Lamont


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News from your Hotels & Transportation Committee