Important message

January 8th 2024

We feel it is essential to address recent social media commentaries which we were made aware of during the critical and final phase of bargaining.

It is imperative that we remind you of the importance of the values in the Equality Statement which governs our union and all of our members.

The core values highlight the importance of respectful and unifying behaviours which apply to not only how we conduct ourselves in person at meetings, but also to our communication online.

We strongly encourage you to read the Equality Statement by clicking here.

“Sometimes discrimination takes the form of harassment. Harassment means using real or perceived power to abuse, devalue or humiliate. Harassment should not be treated as a joke. The uneasiness and resentment that it creates are not feelings that help us grow as a union”.

Every member, elected or not, must abide by it, and any deviation from it will not be tolerated. Respect and cooperation are part of the foundation of our union, and each and every one of us has a role to play in keeping these two values at the forefront.

We are aware that elections for the positions of Component President and Component Treasurer will soon be underway. All the officers at the negotiating table have worked tirelessly together over the last few months, leaving the politics aside.

The bargaining committee, plays a crucial role in representing our collective interests, operates on principles of equality, collaboration, and consensus.

Our focus was fully on the negotiations and the task at hand. The negotiation process isn’t easy, but our goal around the table is the same: to obtain a new contract that lives up to our expectations and that will collectively improve our lives.

Around this table, we must stand united and present a united front to the employer. The decisions which were made here and communicated to you were made collectively.

We know that the election raises questions, but we ask you not to lose focus and to move forward respectfully and positively in the days to come.

This e-mail is a general reminder to all our members: lack of respect and civility, mean-spirited innuendo, and disparagement between members, including against your union officers will not be tolerated.

In a democratic process we encourage open dialogue and healthy debate as differences of opinion are necessary to keep us moving forward; however, they must take place and be communicated in a civilized and courteous manner.

In solidarity,

Dominic, Sheena, Martin, Jill and Marie-Hélène