Who sits on the Service Committee?

We are a cross section of members, including both flight attendants and flight diretors. Representatives of the company also sit on the committee, including Inflight Service and Commissary and Catering representatives.

What do we do?

Generally, prior to the beginning of each season, we sit down with the company which provides us with information on potential changes that are forthcoming in terms of service flows and aircraft specs. During the course of the year, we meet with the company in order to provide our members’ feedback based on real-life experiences and also to bring ideas to the table in order to facilitate the services and their flow.

We have also been looking at ways to reduce fuel consumption by reducing weight on aircrafts wherever possible.

What impact do we have on the on board service?

As per articles 7.02 and 7.04, the company is required to consult the Union prior to making any changes that affect our duties. The company continues to maintain its management rights as per article 2; however, our consultative role is strong and gives us a voice with regards to service and standards.

What is your role?

We need to have your feedback with regard to on-board services. When something does not work, let us know. If you have any ideas on possible improvements, please send them into us in writing. We need to ensure that the flows are followed and we need actual feedback on what is going in terms of the services.

Contact :

Chair : Sandrine La Via

Component link : Dominic Levasseur

YUL : Sonia Pereira 2- Nathalie Poliquin

YYZ : 1- Marcus Dearn 2- Tracey King-Tomlinson 3-Julie Macleod


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