All united, a historic result of 99.8%

November 27th 2023

It is with strength and determination that you have mandated your bargaining committee the strongest strike mandate in the history of our union!

The time has come to have confidence in each other! For many years, we have, on many occasions, been present when Transat asked us to “help” in exchange for growth.

Too often, we’ve accepted reductions in our working conditions while our corporate executives continue to get richer.

You made it clear, the time has come to get what is due to us!

More than ever, we are experiencing financial insecurity unparalleled in the last 36 years!

Your message is clear: you want a collective agreement without further delay that gives you respect!

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In Solidarity,

Dominic Levasseur

Component President


Your bargaining committee

President: Dominic Levasseur

V-P Sheena Sumra (Temporary)

Treasurer Martin Rondeau

President 4041 Marie-Hélène Nadeau

President 4047 Jill Patterson

Sylvain Gauthier, CUPE REP