Service committee bulletin

November 23rd, 2023

The service committee met with the Comex team on October 17 to discuss several subjects and concerns.

Note that since this meeting, the company has imposed the return of sparkling wine service on the ground. The committee and the component disagree with this service, even though an agreement had been reached with Comex to reduce ground service to a minimum on flights on the A321neo LR club SOUTH at 4 cabin crew!

As you already know, our requests will be studied by the company and will not necessarily all be accepted. Here are some examples of what we discussed.

Regarding the coffee and tea service on European flights, we have asked to be able to put the pots on the bar trolleys, as before, for flights after 7:30 p.m. The company wants this to be a seperate service on flights before 9:30 p.m.,

As you may have read in the latest Comex bulletin.For the distribution of Option+ snacks on European flights, we asked to be able to distribute them with the comfort kits and headphones service.

For Club service with the trolley, we discussed at lenght the difficulty of removing the foil on the hot casseroles while balancing with the tray in the cart in the aisle in front of the passengers.

Comex will prepare a document to give us instructions to be able to correctly handle the trays. We also asked for for the Club bar top to be prepared as before, as well as the possibility of removing the wine glass from the small snack trays.We also discuss about Cryopacks to refresh beer and wine, the sparkling water still missing on the A330, the selection of vegeterian meals that the passengers do not like at all, the company’s choice to remove the « end of service » announcement as well as the updating of the CSM etc…Finally we would like to provide and update concerning the following services: (quick reference guide should be available soon)Duty-free A330:L3 and L4A are doing the service with the double trolley in the aisle. They’ll do the « loop ».R2 stay in the galley with the single trolley and is the runner. Close the duty-free.Snack/small breakfast service Europe A321LR:L1 and R4B distributes the snacks together on the single trolley.R3 and L4 double bar with coffee-tea on top.When the snack trolley arrives in the midle of the last cabin R4B leaves L4 finishing the distribution of the snacks and prepare the double trolley bar. Then work to meet with R3 and L4.We are at your disposal if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. The next meeting with the company will be in Februrary 2024.The service committee