PMC (Personnel Management)

Our Mandate:

Our work as it relates to the personnel consists in compiling the requests we receive by order of seniority, regardless of whether the request applies to holidays, a leave without pay, a mini-block or a shared block. These requests take precedence over voluntary demotions because they avoid lay-offs. The requests are processed first, based on seniority and classification, if applicable, after which the voluntary demotions are processed.

A personnel list for the following month is then published on the 14th day of the month. This list sets out the requirements as they apply to cabin attendants (FD, AFD and cabin attendants) and cabin attendants on active duty, as well as the names of those who are attending a training course or meetings, or who are on annual vacation leave. The list also indicates the requests that have been granted.

This list is occasionally subject to change, since the rotations can be modified until the 20th day of the month, thereby influencing the requirements and, consequently, affecting the personnel. That is why the status of the FDs and the AFDs sometimes changes after the list has been published.

Our Committee is also responsible for granting annual vacations based on the calendar provided by the company. This occurs during the month of November.

Contact : 

Chair : Marcus Dearn

Component link : Lisa Berni

YUL : Jennifer Power, Etienne Beaulieu and Benoit Thibault

YYZ : 1- Marcus Dearn  2-Orsola Garcia