A message from your component executive

September 22nd 2023

Your executive met in Montreal on three occasions this week as part of our bargaining committee work. Discussions on normative issues are well underway. We are ready to move on to bigger monetary items at our next meetings.

Inflation has peaked since our last salary increase in 2021. Interest rates have been raised more than 9 times since April 2022. Our members are getting poorer, and it has  to stop!.

** Please note that salary progression ( levels), as per article 24 of the collective agreement, is still in effect. It is possible that your progression date has been changed as a result your layoffs following the end of the CEWS program. If you have any questions on this issue, please contact the employer via Zone Transat

Grievances level II update

Over the past few days, we have been working on assigning responsibilities related to Level II grievances. Sheena Sumra, temporary VP of the component, will now be responsible for managing Level II grievances.

Unpaid meetings on September 25 and 27

On September 25 (YUL) and 27 (YYZ), upper management will be holding meetings with cabin crew. The union has been denouncing unpaid work for months. These meetings, although voluntary, are unpaid by our employer at a time when TS has just published its best-ever financial results for a quarter!

Members are free to attend or not attend these meetings. If you choose to attend this meeting, in solidarity wear red as well as your CUPE pin!


Your component executive:

Dominic, Sheena, Martin, Marie-Hélène and Jill