Important update from your bargaining committee:

Saturday october 7th

On Friday, September 29, your bargaining committee filed a notice of dispute with the Ministry of Labour.

What does this mean?

This means that we are requesting the assistance of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service in order to facilitate and continue negotiations.

Canada’s Minister of Labour has 15 days (as of the 29th) to appoint a conciliator.

Once the conciliator has been appointed, the mediation process will begin for a period of 60 days. The conciliation process is a prerequisite for acquiring the right to strike.

The conciliator then sits with both parties with the intent to continue bargaining and then oversees the entire process. This process lasts for 60 days. After this time there is a cooling off period of 21 days and only once this concludes can we legally strike, if need be.

Since last April, we have held 22 negotiation meetings, and we are not satisfied with the progress of our discussions.

We are well aware of our members’ expectations and must do everything we can to reach a collective agreement that improves our working conditions.

Since the signing of the collective agreement in 2015, our members are having a tough time making ends meet with the rise in the CPI, in addition to the financial consequences of the pandemic. The time has come for a financial turnaround for members. Transat must invest in its human capital

For more details on the process:

Thank you all for your support!

Your bargaining committee

Dominic, Sheena, Martin, Jill and Marie-Hélène