National Day of Action to End Unpaid Work in the airline sector on April 25, 2023

National Day of Action to End Unpaid Work


Earlier this year many of the Airline Division Flight Attendants filled out a CUPE survey telling us how concerned they are about the rampant and unjust use of unpaid work in the airline sector. Whether it’s a lack of pay for boarding, deplaning, or pre-flight duties, it’s time to fight back to ensure that when flight attendants are at work, in uniform, performing their work duties – they’re being paid.

CUPE’s Airline Division, on behalf of our 18,500 flight attendant members, is organizing a National Day of Action to End Unpaid Work in the airline sector on April 25, 2023.


RSVP and let us know if you want to get more involved here.


This will be the start to a movement to be heard, to demonstrate to the public and our employers we need action on this.

The public hears us, when you talk to them during boarding, or when you’re assisting with seat assignments, checking emergency equipment, walking them to their gate as you go to yours, or assisting with special requests before boarding, and prepping your galleys they are amazed this is done with no compensation.

Together, we can work to put stop to this unfair practice and ensure everyone gets paid for time they are required to be at work. Please sign up if you will be off and willing to assist in the day of action, sign up to stay up to date with this campaign.


In solidarity,

Wesley Lesosky President, CUPE Airline Division


Wesley Lesosky DACP Président et Président Composante d’Air Canada du SCFP / ADCP President & President Air Canada Component of CUPE

Rena Kisfalvi DACP Secrétaire-trésorière et Présidente Section locale 4055 du SCFP – Sunwing / ADCP Secretary-Treasurer & President CUPE Local 4055 – Sunwing

Dominic Levasseur Président Composante d’Air Transat du SCFP / President Air Transat Component of CUPE

Michal Baker Président Section locale 4029 du SCFP – Calm Air / President CUPE Local 4029 – Calm Air

Cameron Jones Président Section locale 4060 du SCFP – Flair Air / President CUPE Local 4060 – Flair Air

Alia Hussain Présidente Section locale 4070 du SCFP – WestJet / President CUPE Local 4070 – WestJet

Courtney Decker Présidente Section locale 5451 du SCFP – PAL Airlines / President CUPE Local 5451 – PAL Airlines

Joseph Kalin Président Section locale 8111 du SCFP – Canadian North / President CUPE Local 8111 – Canadian North