News from your H&S and Service Committees – service flows

Recently, the H&S and service committee Chairs conducted test flights for service flows for the south x4 on the 321LR, at the company’s request.

We believe that the only real solution is to add  5th FA would TS maintain the actual level of service, but agreed to test new service flows in hopes of improving the current service and mitigate the frustration felt by both pax and FAs.

We tried two proposals by the company. One didn’t work at all, and the other involved having R3 act as a ‘toggle’ position between both double trolleys. (Remember the A310 days). This didn’t really improve the situation for R1 much, and added extra work/stress on the R3 position.

In trying to alleviate R3 working in a toggle position, the new service flow just published by TS in effect solves one problem but creates another. The Flight director will now work simultaneously in economy on the bar trolley with R1, while also attending to the needs of Club and finishing the Club service. This has now added an additional workload to the flight director position.

We did not actually test this service plan in flight-it was suggested to both your H&S and Service committees in the debriefing following the test flights. We highlighted the following reasons why we were not in agreement with this service:


– we cannot be more than a few rows away from trolley


-trolley cannot be left unattended


-cannot move a double bar trolley on own


-safety concerns during turbulence

-L1 increased workload


-bar trolley is left unsecured in FWD galley until BOB gets to row 10, while R1/L1 continue Club service, which can take awhile due to many O* and other sales


We were therefore surprised by the announcement of this new service flow without any notice.

With this new service, please be reminded that while we are sometimes momentarily on a double bar trolley alone (ie: when one FA refills coffee pots/water jugs), at no time should a crew member be moving a double bar trolley by themselves.

We remind you of the importance of filling out safety reports via Coruson for any hazards, safety issues, or fatigue experienced while adhering to these changes.

Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts and concerns to both of your committees. We ask that you copy both committees on your email as we are working closely together to ensure a proper service standard.