Deposit of the notice of bargaining

As of today, Monday 27th of February, the Notice to Bargain has been sent to the employer.

What does this mean going forward?

The collective bargaining process is essentially a series of meetings between the union committee and the employer committee.

According to the regulations, the two parties must meet within the next 14 days to establish a schedule for the meetings.

The Mobilization and Communication Committee has the mandate of keeping you informed of the various steps of the bargaining process.

We are very pleased to share with you the list of members who have volunteered as leads and delegates. These people will be your liaison for updates during the negotiation period.


Leads :


Martin Charpentier

Éric Savard

Josée Robitaille

Chris Larsen

Phil Jutras

Maria Smirnov

Julie Francescon (pas sur facebook)

David Coulombe

Maude Bilodeau

Melissa Paul-Battist

Terry Bayer

Emmanuel Khoury



Marta Jeziorowska

Pamela Hodge

Geraldine Caroll



Chantal Arsenault

Julie Roberts

Linnea Chaves


Délégués :


Nancy Tanguay

Jérémie St-Amour

Katherine Gendron-Tremblay

Justine Desautels

Lea Napoletano
Marie-Anne Gaudreault

Sophie Thivierge
Valérie Alcala-Lebecque

Kevin Desmarescaux

Noémy Dugas

Julie Beudaert

Éric Stringer

Karine Laflamme



Christina Bakas

Sandra Kastrantas


There is no limit to the number of people who can join the team. If you want to get involved, you are welcome to join the team. The more people we have, the stronger and more united we will be.

Do not hesitate to contact me for more information or to join the team.


Andréanne Charlebois

Chair of the Component Mobilization and Communications Committee