Service at 4 A321 neo LR

Update on A321 neo LR service at 4 CA.

The union is standing by its position that the LOU signed in January 2021 must be respected!

This LOU was grieved and has been sent to arbitration. In the meantime, we know that the “status quo” is problematic and is causing heated conversation on many flights. Keep sending us your comments thru the “service” google form available

The more data we have in preparation for the arbitration the better it is!



Your HS committee would like to remind you that at no time are we to move a double bar trolley alone!



Hazard prevention is important so please follow service flow as per standards to prevent any kind of injuries!



What is your union doing while waiting for the arbitration case to be heard?


The chairs of your service committee as well as your HS committee, have been involved on different test flights to look at solutions that could reduce the inequity in the workload. Several service changes have been tested since last November, but the results of those tests have not been conclusive.


Your union with the involvement of your service and HS committees have been having open discussion with the company but with limited results so far.


As long as TS expectations and advertisement to our customers will be personalized service in Club, this means to us that we must have dedicated flight attendant, therefore a 5th CA as per the agreement signed between the parties!


Let’s be united, please follow your service flow and work safe!



Keep us informed thru our website    or ,

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In Sol!


Dominic for your component team