Conciliation Bulletin #1

Monday, October 30th, 2023

The conciliation process is underway. Your bargaining committee met with the two mediators assigned to our case last Wednesday. At this meeting, we established a busy schedule of meetings with the employer for the coming weeks.

Monday October 30th will be the first official day of conciliation at the Canada Federal Employment office in Montreal.

More than ever, in this conciliation period, we must be united and show solidarity. 

We ask all members to proudly wear their CUPE- component « En négociation/ In bargaining »lanyard starting this Monday morning, October 30th!

The lanyards were distributed by our mobilization teams in YYZ and YUL. Thank you to everyone who took part in this mass distribution!

Why wear the lanyards?

To show the employer that you want better working conditions and wages. Every single one of us has a role in collective bargaining.   Wearing the lanyard will show that we are one when your bargaining committee represents you at the  bargaining table.

Are we allowed to wear the union lanyard while in uniform?

In collective bargaining, and even more so in conciliation, jurisprudence has ruled in favor of employees who seek to show their support to their bargaining committee by wearing an official promo item designed by the union. The lanyard is intended to express the unity of the membership and the strenght of being united together. Its message is clear, neutral and in no way detrimental to the employer.

What is the goal of this conciliation?

The purpose of conciliation is to reach a mutually acceptable agreement within 60 days. To achieve this goal, we are assisted by two conciliators appointed by the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. The conciliation process can last up to 60 days. The parties may, by mutual agreement, decide to extend this period if necessary.

The 60-day period will end on December 12, 2023, followed by the mandatory 21-day cooling-off period starting on December 13th.

Your bargaining committee,

Dominic, Sheena, Martin, Marie-Hélène and Jill

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