Reminder; Special meetings Wednesday Nov 22nd YYZ

November 21rst 2023


Our last two special meetings will be held tomorrow. At these meetings, members will be asked to vote on a strike mandate.

A strong strike mandate is essential to protect our economic conditions. By acting collectively, we strengthen our bargaining position, guaranteeing fair wages and improved working conditions.

Financial insecurity weighs heavily on many of us. Current economic pressures threaten our working conditions, wages and benefits. It is in these crucial moments that solidarity proves to be our best asset.

We invite all members to make it a priority to attend our upcoming in person special meeting,  tomorow wednesday in YYZ at 13:30 at the Holiday Inn Airport, 970 Dixon Road,Toronto, ON M9W 1J9. Parking will be reimbursed.

Come see us YYZ! 😁

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When you show up in person, you become visible; when you get together, you attract attention. That’s how you make your voice heard.

There’s nothing like being together. It’s clear, direct, and shows that we’re ready to act. It’s a strong message, loaded with determination.

We are asking for your help in contacting our friends and colleagues who are free tomorrow, to show up at our in person at the meeting!

For those who can’t be attending in person, we are hosting a zoom meeting at 4:30 PM   Wednesday. Make sure, when you register, to have your employee number and name as zoom user name.


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To conclude, for our members in Montreal, as you know, the “Common Front” is having various strikes this week.  If your are free and wish to help, you are more than welcome to go and support  our fellow CUPE members who are on strike near you!

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In Solidarity,

Dominic Levasseur

Component President

our bargaining committee

President: Dominic Levasseur

V-P Sheena Sumra (Temporary)

Treasurer Martin Rondeau

President 4041 Marie-Hélène Nadeau

President 4047 Jill Patterson

Sylvain Gauthier, CUPE REP