New website / bargaining update / unpaid work survey / Black History Month

New website

We’ve been working on a new website for a while now, and here it is finally! has a new look! We have improved the image and content of the website, not to mention that it is free and hosted by CUPE. This allows us to save a lot of money on union dues!


On the website, under contact us, you will find several forms to report busting flights, missing  DH and more.


Do not hesitate to send us your comments and suggestions. We are always looking for crew photos. We would like this site to be representative of you!


Collective Bargaining Update!

Your union is at work!

We are in the final process before filing our demands. We have held over 15 bargaining committee meetings reviewing the collective agreement from start to finish and ensuring that your priorities are well outlined. We are following the established plan. Remember that our strength is only matched by your engagement! Several members of the mobilization committee are distributing the new component pins at all 3 bases. Contact your local teams, who are present at the airport, if you haven’t received one yet! This is only the first step in making our members’ mobilization visible. More visibility actions to come!



Survey on unpaid work.


Many of you completed the survey on unpaid ground work. To be more precise, 1000 TS cabin crew completed the survey out of approximately 1350 active cabin crew. This makes our group, proportionally, the most invested in this survey, and this across all companies unionized with CUPE in Canada. So this is definitively one of your priorities! Days of protest are planned in the coming months. We will keep you informed. If you want to get involved in the mobilization committee, please contact us at



Stop thinking about it, Get involved! 😁

Black history month

Every February, people across Canada participate in Black History month.


This is a time for celebration and a clear recognition of the legacy of black people in Canada. This month and each month throughout the year, we can all reflect on this history and commit to maintaining an awareness and to foster meaningful change.

It is also a time in which we must reflect on the fact that discrimination still exists. We must all do our part to stand up against racism and hatred in its overt and subtle forms.


Now is the time to shine a light and educate ourselves, our friends and family and move towards an enlightened future. The following links we hope, will highlight the many accomplishments of black Canadians and celebrate their contributions. Together we can create a world of inclusion and diversity and respect for all peoples.


Dominic Levasseur 

president of your component