Uniform Committee Newsletter

The Uniform Committee is still aware of the problems concerning the slowness in receiving pieces of uniform. Lisa Berni and I met with our new VP, Miguel Teixeira on April 5th. We had a very nice meeting. Finally, the Committee’s concerns were listened to. The representatives of Transat’s uniform team have always been shy with information, while with Mr. Teixeira our exchange was honest and informative. Mr. Teixeira confirmed to me that his team is working hard to resolve our concerns.

The Committee takes the opportunity to welcome the new Flight Attendants, we are sincerely sorry that your uniform is not up to par, and especially reduced.

With great sadness, the YVR base will close this summer. A Q&A has been published, however, this information surprised the members of the Committee. The company “asks” those who will leave us to return their uniforms. We remind you that only employees who have not completed their procedures must return their uniforms. Of course, if a YVR member wants to return certain pieces or the whole can do so.

For those who will transfer to YYZ or YUL. You will find in Mundo, MSC, uniform 10.3 the addresses of the suppliers to pick up your uniforms and renewals. At all times please contact uniform@airtransat.com if you need support.

As you know, a new uniform will be created. The Committee wants to hear from you, a survey will be published in the coming months.

Uniform Committee Representative:

President : Daniel Pelletier

Local 4078(YVR): Linnea Chaves and Erika Nekuliak

Local 4047(YYZ): Pamela Hodge and Teresa Barroso. (Grace Miyasaki is absent for the moment following an assignment – Grace will be back)

Local 4041(YUL): Nathalie Gaucher and Erika Nekuliak (effective July 2023)

Email: uniform@atcomponent.com

We remind you to always copy the Committee when sending an email to the IFS regarding your uniform concerns. So we can follow up


Thank you and have a great summer.

Your Uniform Committee