Dear Members,

On this Friday evening, please see the latest update on the current situation.  We want to keep you informed and give you all the tools to better understand what is happening during this Covid-19 crisis.  In addition to the Q&A that were mentioned, we will also host webinars to answer your questions.  At this point unfortunately there are way more Q’s then A’s, we are still waiting for clarification in order to inform you properly. So many questions, but still missing answers…  

On another note, the Competition Bureau rendered a report today on the purchase of Transat by Air Canada.  Their report is not in favour of the transaction but in the end this report has no direct impact on the conclusion of this transaction.  Transport Canada will produce their report, after taking into consideration other reports, including this one.  Transport Canada will either recommend to approve the transaction, or approve it with certain conditions or simply deny it. Transport Canada should render this report on May 2nd and it won’t be a public report.  Then the final decision will be taken by the Council of Ministers.

Please don’t forget to take a look at the PDF attached.  

In Solidarity,

Julie Roberts
Component President