Welcome to Local 4078 YVR

Welcome to the Web page for Local 4078. Here you will find all the contact information for your Local Union officers who devote their time to answer your questions, help with workplace issues and serve you in every way possible. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can assist you in any way!

You will find our office in the YVR crew room- take a minute to drop-by and say hi!

Click on the links to access our Local Union By-Laws, newsletters and other memos of interest. We hope you enjoy exploring this website, and invite you to come back often so that we can keep you updated!

Christy McGregor

Sukhraj Sheena Sumra

Linnea Chaves

Julie Paquette-Roberts

CUPE Local 4078
P.O. Box 44634 YVR Domestic Terminal R.P.O.,
Richmond, BC, V7B 1W2

Email: local4078@atcomponent.com
Office: (604) 303 3591
Mobile: (778) 998 4078

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