Your Representatives:

Chair Georgia Kalogiannis
CUPE Link Karène Benabou
Air Transat Link
YUL Jennifer Yurchuk
YYZ Geraldine Carroll
Kieta D’Aguilar
YVR Sheena Sukhraj Sumra
Olivier Bouhadana

Our Objective:

Our Committee’s objective is to make recommendations to the Company in order to maximize our revenues. We would like to have more of an input in the products we sell to our customers, as well as protect our commission. Currently, if the Company loses some of its profits due to theft, we, the Cabin Attendants, lose a percentage of our commission. We want to protect that. We want to introduce incentives to sell our products, thereby increasing all revenues. We want the Duty Free Committee to work together for the benefit of all parties involved.

Our direct Email address is :