Welcome to Local 4047 YYZ

Here you will find all the contact information for your Local Union officers who dedicate their time to answer your questions, assist with workplace issues and represent you during meetings with management, amongst many other duties. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can assist you in any way! You will find our office tucked away in the hallway behind the check-in counters (Air Transat & Sunwing) at the far, South East section of T3 (closest to T1, up near the apron window). As our office hours vary, please contact us in advance for a visit.

Please click on the links to access our Local Union By-laws, Newsletters, Base Meeting agendas and other memos of interest.

We hope you enjoy exploring the YYZ page, and invite you to return often so we can keep you updated.

Hopefully, we’ll see you at a future Local meeting!

Jill Patterson

Caitlin Eid

Pamela Hodge

Ana Rodrigues

Samantha Kot

CUPE Local 4047
P.O. Box 184, Toronto, AMF, Ontario, L5P 1B1

Email: local4047@atcomponent.com
Mobile Number: 647 688 4047 / 416 910 4047

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